Van Lang University’s senior students’ translation difficulties and methods in translating logistics terms

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Duong Thanh Hung Duc
Vo Thi Hong Nhung


Translation is essential for many life aspects yet it is challenging to produce due to many linguistic and non-linguistic factors. Among the related problems, translating technical terms is difficult as it requires translators to use language fluently and have a in-depth understanding of the related field. The current study investigated translation difficulties and strategies in translating logistics terms. The participants were 38 English-majored students of Van Lang University. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected by using questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, respectively. The results clarified several prominent translation problems, including the negative transfer from Vietnamese, the lack of expertise in logistics, and the lack of linguistic knowledge (vocabulary and grammar). Most students used word-by-word translation and utilized Google Translate to complete their translation task without taking the practical use of the terms into consideration. Then, solutions were suggested to deal with those problems. Local EFL lecturers are suggested to instruct the students to pay attention to self-improve expertise in the target field beside the language knowledge and skills for the sake of effective translation.  

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