Preliminary optimization of extraction process for Citrus sinensisOsbeck L. peel essential oil and quality evaluation

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Phan Thi Anh Dao
Nguyen Van Dat
Huynh Thi Bich Hong
Nguyen Thanh Duy


The present study performed optimization of the essential oil extraction from Citrus sinensis Osbeck L. peel. The conditions of grinding time of 1 min, extraction time of 150 min, and a water-to-material ratio of 1:3 (w/v) on frozen matter yielded 4.20 (%, g/100 g fresh matter) of extract in semi-pilot scaleby hydrodistillation method. C. sinensis peel EO was subjected to sensory evaluation, heavy metal contents, physical properties including density, pole rotation angles, and refractive index. D-limonene was identified in the synthesized peel extract with the highest content of 98.12 %. This
process may have great potential as an alternative as it allows the recovery of C. sinensis by-products and production of high quality essential oils.

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