Using the Delphi methodology to develop technology criteria  to assess e-learning readiness in Higher education Institutions

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Cam-Tu Tran Hoang
Phuong Vu Nhat
Huong-Thao Doan Thi


 Many higher education institutions in Viet Nam are adopting e-learning to explore new education opportunities. However, the successful implementation of e-learning depends on various aspects of the organization's readiness, particularly technology readiness. This research aims to identify and develop a scale that measures the required
technology factors for evaluating the readiness of higher education institutions in Viet Nam to deploy e-learning. To achieve this, the authors presented the concept and scales of eight technology factors: hardware, software, connectivity, security, flexibility, skills and support, and data centers. These factors were identified through two rounds
of Delphi interviews with 17 experts. This research provides a framework for higher education institutions to assess their readiness to implement e-learning projects based on technological criteria
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